Best Tandoori Restaurants in Bangalore

I figured we could start with my city: Bangalore! The city of Bangalore is an exciting metropolis full of things to do and see, but at some point during the day we need to take a step back and enjoy the culinary delights of some of the best Tandoori restaurants known to man.

If you are thinking tandoor or tandoori is a dish specific to the region of Bangalore you are wrong. Tandoor is a method of cooking, in fact it is a very ancient method of cooking that has been utilised throughout India and its neighboring countries for millennia. The tandoor is a tube-like clay oven that can be as hot as nine hundred degrees Celsius, that is hot for an oven. In fact, that’s hot for some metal foundries!

Tandoor cooking is a skill that is learned over many years, the cooking technique is precise and the marinades are often closely guarded secrets of generations of family’s.

Let’s explore some of the best tandoori restaurants in Bangalore:

#1 Kebabs and Kurries

I chose this restaurant as my number one choice for more than just the food, the service is great also. The restaurant has an ambiance that I like; it’s relaxing and not too formal. At the same time they could easily accommodate a formal business dinner. It’s got everything I look for in a great restaurant. The food is exquisite; you can expect to find a full range of appetisers from dall to fantastic chutneys and everything else you would expect. Although I am a vegetarian, I have heard from friends that the tandoori meats chicken and lamb are succulent and cooked to perfection. You can find Kebabs and Kurries at 1 Residency Road, ITC Gardenia hotel.

#2 Punjabi by Nature

If you are looking for a chic restaurant in Bangalore, look no further. Punjabi by Nature ticks all of the boxes when searching for a stylish restraint in Bangalore. You can enjoy alfresco dining on their stylish patio surrounded by shrubbery while enjoying the intimacy of the setting. It’s not just great for couples it’s a fantastic place for families and business dinners.

You will appreciate the service by friendly knowledgeable staff who know just the right time to bring by your courses. There is an excellent selection of food and Punjabi by Nature caters to both vegetarians and vegans. And if you eat meat then you will not be disappointed, the experienced chefs prepare delectable tandoori meat dishes such as chicken, lamb, and fish.

Punjabi by Nature is located at Hosum Road, near Forum Mall.

#3 Barbeque Nation

This may look like a budget eatery but it produces some of the best tandoori cooked food in Bangalore. I like this place because they serve a tandoori buffet until late in the evening. So, if you have been working late to avoid the rush hour traffic or out drinking coffee with friends, this is the perfect location to get your tandoori.

Vegetarians and vegans need not be put off by the name, Barbeque nation has dishes for everyone. scuf discount code

You can find this restaurant at 100 Fleet Road, opposite the floating walls.

#4 Oye! Amritsar

Some restauranteurs are not the best at choosing names for their businesses but I can assure you of a great tandoori experience at this restaurant. The restaurant is open plan with an outdoor dining experience. Although covered with a roof to keep the elements out there are no walls.

I wouldn’t describe the furnishings as luxurious but they are adequate for dining out with friends and family.

The tandoori is presented well and tastes fine, and the restaurant has a full menu and caters for vegans. My only criticism is the staff could be more friendly and the toilets need better attention from the staff.

Located at Koramangala, near the crossroads of 5th and 54th, visit the website.

#5 Hotel Empire Restaurant

Don’t be put off that this restaurant is located in a budget hotel, the food is exceptional and the chef is an expert when comes to cooking tandoori meats.

The restaurant atmosphere and furnishings are ok; if they had been better this restaurant would have been much higher on the list. The seating is comfortable but a little aged and the whole place looks like it needs a facelift. However, the staff is nice and prepared to make you comfortable, they know the menu inside out and make recommendations if needed.

The tandoori meat is perfection; the meat has the crispy charred edges that tandoori lovers like. The tandoori experience is something else; the meats are served with super fresh salads and chutneys. Hotel Empire provides a delightful culinary experience.

You can visit the restaurant at 78 Central Street, Tasker Town.

So that is my list of the top 5 tandoori restaurants here in Bangalore! I hope you come to visit one day and try some of my suggestions.