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Dining Out on a Budget:

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Long gone are the days of restaurant meals planned only for special occasions or a rare treat. There was a time when almost all meals were cooked in the home, but as of late, dining out is not only common, it is often necessary. Whether sitting down at a family chain or grabbing something quick from the drive-thru, our convenience food habit can have a huge impact on our bottom line.

For those of us still wanting to enjoy a meal out on occasion or simply needing a break from cooking but on a budget, there are some simple strategies you can utilize to get the most of your meal without emptying your wallet. You don’t have to give up the social benefits of meeting friends over dinner or relaxing on a weekend over a long lunch. You can still cut your spending while breaking bread.

Tip #1: Aim For Local Diners:

When selecting a restaurant, take your budget into consideration. Places that are touristy or trendy tend to have over-inflated prices. Try opting for a local diner, café or coffee shop instead. These places tend to have quality food and great service with a personal touch. If you’re especially hungry or enjoy a lot of variety, you may want to consider a buffet. In addition to being a typically good value, you also save a bit on tipping.

Tip #2: Kids’ Nights = Savings

If you are dining with kids, consider a restaurant with a kid’s night. Many restaurants feature free or discounted kid’s meals one or two nights a week, and some even offer special kid’s entertainment such as balloon animals on those nights as well. If an evening out does not include kids, look into local happy hours. Happy hours often feature reduced price appetizers, and you can enjoy a light meal for a lower price.

Tip #3: Look For Early-Dine Menus

Become familiar with the restaurants around you. Some restaurants feature special, lower cost early-dine menus and you can enjoy traditional meals for less by ordering earlier in the evening or some have great specials certain days of the week. If you qualify, some senior menus can offer a great value as well, and many restaurants now offer two can dine specials that offer a full meal for two for one low price. Look for table tents, signs in windows, print or online ads, or give restaurants a call to familiarize yourself with what is out there.

Tip #4: Share Your Entrees.

If you are dining with a companion, consider sharing a main entrée and adding an appetizer or extra salad instead of ordering two meals. Portions keep getting bigger and bigger, so sharing has become a great way to cut costs and still get plenty to eat. If you are ordering a large entrée, consider getting a takeout box and placing half of the meal in the container to go before you even begin eating. This is a great way to get two meals out of one and avoid overeating at the same time.

Tip #5: Skip The Extras

Skip the extras that inflate your check. Sodas, desserts, and alcohol can break the bank when on a budget. Sodas are a huge money maker for restaurants and will cost you around three dollars each at most places. Try water with fresh lemon or lime instead. Not only will it cost nothing, but most of us also need more water each day anyway for the health benefits. Instead of an overpriced dessert, stop at the grocery store and grab a container of ice cream for a fraction of the cost.

Check your receipt. In addition to looking for errors, many places offer customer surveys you can take in exchange for future discounts or even free food items. Many restaurants also offer customer rewards programs you can join by email, online or on their mobile app. These rewards programs typically offer free beverages, appetizers or birthday meals with certain requirements, so look into what is available at the places you frequent often.

As you can see, dining out can still be affordable with a little planning. If circumstances force you to cut back, you can still enjoy the fun and relaxation that comes with the restaurant experience without the guilt of indulgence in the extra expense.